About the prize

The purpose

Careers in the world of international luxury hospitality are unique and enriching. They require a variety of skills, engagement and above all, passion. Our company committed to the development of the Leaders of tomorrow for the past 60 years and to the active support of the schools who inspire students to pursue careers in this field.

We believe that great leaders must care for people so they can be their best. They inspire trust so that their colleagues are confident and develop a growth mindset. We believe that great leaders should be mindful and focus on the well-being of their teams in order to achieve results. We also believe that they should be eager to continue learning throughout their career. This mindset is the foundation of The Hyatt Student Prize which was founded in 2008 on behalf of Hyatt Hotels and Resorts.

Because it fosters strong links with professionals, The Hyatt Student Prize has been opening doors for 10 years to students of the world’s best hotel management schools. In a decade, we have enabled about 100 students to demonstrate their talent and start a career in an environment matching their qualifications and expectations.

Who participates to The Hyatt Student Prize?

Each year, the world’s most prestigious hotel management schools and their students join and participate to The Hyatt Student Prize. To name a few : Blue Mountain Australia, Centro Superior de Hosteleria de Galicia, MODUL University, Vienna, Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad, Bocconi University Milano, Cornell University, École hôtelière de Lausanne, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hotelschool The Hague, IMHI – ESSEC, Institut Paul Bocuse, Les Roches International School, SRH University Berlin Campus Dresden, Oxford School of Hospitality Management, University of applied Science Bad Honnef, International University of Florida, University of North Texas, University of Surrey, Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle etc.

It is an international event not to be missed and a unique opportunity for schools to showcase the quality of their academic programs.

The Jury Panel

During the final stage of the event, 8 finalists are evaluated by jury members who represent the worlds of international hospitality, luxury business, sports and literature.

Enjoy a dream stay in Paris

The final round of The Hyatt Student Prize will take place over 2 days in Paris, on December 09 & 10, 2018. During the finals, candidates will take part in a series of challenges during which the judging panel will observe them. After 2 days, the award will be presented to the winner during a ceremony celebrating the 11th anniversary of this annual event.

The Hyatt Student Prize final stage in Paris is a unique experience and a great opportunity to join a professional network of quality. For students, this is the opportunity to receive a decisive boost at the outset of their career. For schools, The Hyatt Student Prize is one of the best opportunities to strengthen their image and attractiveness internationally.

Steps of the selection process

  1. Schools select the student who will represent them and completes a school application form. The student should be fluent in English, at least 21 years of age and studying for a Bachelor or Master degree in hotel management
  2. Students submit their application documents
  3. A Hyatt executive jury panel selects 8 finalists who will participate to The Hyatt Student Prize Competition in Paris
  4. During 2 days, the candidates participate in Paris to a series of challenges during which a variety of personal skills, interpersonal skills and leadership potential are assessed by external jury members who select the laureate. The prize is awarded during the ceremony. The 2 days provide a unique opportunity for the students and their school representatives to become part of a high-quality professional network.