1st edition


First place: Laure Brovelli

Laure Brovelli lived for a number of years in a luxury hotel in Polynesia, which enabled her to thoroughly learn all about the international hospitality sector.

This ambitious young woman then followed an academic path based on foreign literature and civilization, accounting and interpreting, having graduated from the specialist translation school Institut Supérieur d’Interprétation et de Traduction.

Before joining the MBA programme at IMHI, considered as one of France’s highest-ranking institutes for hospitality management, she worked in France, French Polynesia and the US, notably as Resort Manager of the Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Orlando, Florida.

As the winner, Laure Brovelli has been offered the chance to fly Business Class, courtesy of United Airlines, to Chicago to visit Hyatt’s Global Headquarters. She has travelled to Zurich to visit the divisional office for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Finally, she enjoyed stay in Paris, allowing her to spend time with the general managers of Hyatt Regency Paris-Madeleine, Hyatt Regency Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme.

First place: ESSEC Hospitality (IMHI)

« By building upon its roots, both French and European, ESSEC has taken a conscious step into the increasingly global market of higher management education, in which competition is stiff and many structural changes are in progress. Schools are merging, forming privileged partnerships across national boundaries and setting up subsidiaries. The strong alliance with Mannheim, a consequential international network, and a strategic presence in Asia place ESSEC among the key players.

The quality of a higher education institution is, first and foremost, a reflection of the quality of its Faculty. ESSEC is an academic institution of excellence where research activity feeds the act of teaching on a daily basis and infuses our collaborations with business. 110 permanent professors, educated by the world’s top universities, carry on ESSEC’s world-renowned tradition for academic excellence. The greatest asset to ESSEC’s ambition and dynamism is a Faculty capable of marrying the richness of our European heritage with the complexity of a global world. »

More information on www.essec.edu

Second place: Mathieu Mouton – Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon


From left to right: Mathieu Mouton, Paul Bocuse Institute; Baptite Aubour, ESTHUA d’Angers; Benoit Maton, ESHotel Paris; Daniel Picouly, President of the jury; Laure Brovelli, laureate 2008; Anne-Sophie Lapix and Nikos Aliagas, members of the jury.

Third place: Baptiste Aubourg – ESTHUA d’Angers equal with Benoit Maton – ESHotel Paris

The quality of the students being very high, it was hard for the jury to decide on the third place. As they had to select 1 out of 2 very good candidates, they, at the last minute, decided to nominate both exceptionally.


First row, from left to right: Baptiste Aubour, ESTHUA d’Angers; Benoit Maton, ESHotel Paris.

Jury members


Front row, from left to right: Alexandre Bader; Elisabeth Sandager; Michel Jauslin ; Michele Alguacil; Daniel Picouly; Fabrice Sieman; Georges Panayotis; Christian Luc Parison; Guillaume Rebiere; Samuel Salvisberg.

Alexandre Bader – Managing Director Champagnes Billecart-Salmon – Jury Member

Elisabeth Sandager – International General Director Helena Rubinstein – Jury Member

Michel Jauslin – Area Vice President Hyatt International Hotels & Resorts

Michele Alguacil – Managing Director of Profile France – Jury Member

Daniel Picouly – Writer and literary TV host – President of the Jury

Fabrice Sieman – Partner at Lutetia Capital – Jury Member

Georges Panayotis – Founder and CEO MKG Group – Jury Member

Christian Luc Parison – Chief L’Officiel Voyage – Jury Member

Guillaume Rebiere – Chief Editor Journal du Dimanche – Jury Member

Samuel Salvisberg – Deputy Director Lausanne Hotel School – Jury Member