4th edition


First place: Michael Bösch


Michael Bösch, from the International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef, in Germany and is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in International Management. After an apprenticeship as a chef he has gathered many years of experience in the kitchen, in Germany as well as in Thailand. His personal goal is to grow professionally in quality and revenue management, being surrounded by inspiring people who have experienced management skills in different departments of the hospitality industry.

Michael has been awarded a trophy created by the French manufacturer of fine crystal glassware, Baccarat, exclusively for this occasion, as well as the chance to fly Business Class, courtesy of United Airlines, to Chicago where Hyatt Hotels Corporation has its head office.

He will also travel to Zurich to visit the offices of Hyatt’s division for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, staying one week at Park Hyatt Zurich.

Finally, this lucky winner will enjoy a week in Paris, spending time with the general managers of Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme, Hyatt Regency Paris-Madeleine and Hyatt Regency Paris-Charles de Gaulle, as well as a total of €1,000 spending money to cover personal travel expenses.



From left to right: Michael Estabrook, Irène Fénart, Michael Bösch – Laureate 2011, Julia Legrand – third place, Rohith Muralya, Derez Suarez – second place, Anne-Claire Gaudillat, Héctor Gil, Méryl Szpak – Winner for Best Video Application.

Jury members

During the event, the students will meet with the members of the jury, a team consisting of renowned television personalities and top names in the entertainment business, the arts and literature. Chaired by writer and journalist Daniel Picouly, the judges panel will name 3 finalists before selecting the final winner.

Daniel Picouly

Daniel Picouly is a French writer and television host. In 1999, he won the French literary award, the Prix Renaudot, for his book L’Enfant Leopard. Picouly was also the host of a cultural show, Café Picouly, on the French television network.

Nikos Aliagas

Nikos Aliagas is a French-Greek journalist, television and radio host. He is renowned for presenting the music reality program Star Academy for 8 years. Aliagas speaks 5 languages, including English.

Brigitte Garambois

Brigitte Garambois is the cultural editor in chief of the most popular news program in France for the French TV station TF1.

Michèle Laroque

Michèle Laroque is a French actress, comedian and humorist, who has appeared in almost 60 films and television productions since 1988. She was nominated for the César Awards for Best Supporting Actress in La crise (1992) and Pédale douce (1996).

Robert Pires

Robert Pires is a French international soccer player who earned 79 caps for France between 1996 and 2005, including both the 1998 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro 2000. In September 2011 he joint the consultant group of the radio “Europe 1”.

Gail Rosseau

Gail Rosseau is a board-certified neurosurgeon in Chicago, and the recipient of many honours and awards, including the Chicago of the Year Mentor Award. She served on the Finance committees and Women’s committees for Barack Obama’s senatorial and presidential campaigns. She serves on several academic, professional and philanthropic boards, including the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies Foundation, which raises funds and equipment donations for the developing world.

Anne Sophie Von Claer

Anne-Sophie Von Claer is the director of the Lifestyle section for the newspaper Le Figaro, the Figaro Magazine and Figaro (entertainment news). Le Figaro is one the most influential medias in France.