5th edition


First place: Jean Sartre

Jean Sartre, from the Institut Paul Bocuse, owns a Master’s Degree in International Hotel Management.

Jean discovered the hospitality industry after his A-Level and decided to learn more about it in North Wales for a first experience in Stewarding.

In the future, he is looking forward to multiplying international experiences and to reaching a corporate level.

Jean has been awarded a trophy created by the French manufacturer of fine crystal glassware, Baccarat, exclusively for this occasion, as well as the chance to fly Business Class, courtesy of United Airlines, to Chicago where Hyatt Hotels Corporation has its head office.

He also traveled to Zurich to visit the offices of Hyatt’s division for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, staying one week at Park Hyatt Zurich.

Finally, this lucky winner enjoyed a week in Paris, spending time with the different teams of Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme, Hyatt Regency Paris-Madeleine and Hyatt Regency Paris-Charles de Gaulle, as well as a total of €1,000 spending money to cover personal travel expenses.


HYATT STUDENT PRIZE 2012 HYATT REGENCY PARIS VENDOME PARIS - 29/11/2012 PHOTO ©BRUNO DES GAYETS BRUNO DES GAYETS 21 RUE MAUBLANC 75015 PARIS Tél. : 33 (0)9 50 38 16 49 Mobile : 33 (0)6 62 65 24 00 bdg@nikoja.com www.nikoja.com

From left to right: Gergely Harris – third place, Juan Calvo Hernandez – second place and winner of the Best Video, Mariana Soto Jdourruamn, Jean Sartre – Laureate 2012, Daria Mai, Cassandre Grimon, Roxane Braun, Justine Degos

Jury members

During the event, the students will met with the members of the jury, a team consisting of renowned television personalities and top names in the entertainment business, the arts and literature. Chaired by Director of the Lifestyle section for Le Figaro Anne-Sophie VON CLAER, the judges panel named 3 finalists before selecting the final winner.

Anne-Sophie Von Claer

Anne-Sophie Von Claer is the director of the Lifestyle section for the newspaper Le Figaro, the Figaro Magazine and Figaro (entertainment news). Le Figaro is one of the most influential medias in France.

Michel Adé

Michel Adé is Managing Director of Montblanc France. Montblanc is one of the more prominent international brands for luxury goods, distinguished for its quality writing instruments, watches, jewellery and leather goods.

Alexandre Bader

Alexander Bader is Managing Director of Billecart Salmon.

Roland Giscard d’Estaing

Roland Giscard d’Estaing is the Managing Partner at Avantgarde France. Avantgarde is a global communications agency operating 18 branches worldwide and employing over 500 marketing specialists. Roland graduated from INSEAD and is married with three daughters. Roland has operated a career shift leaving corporate finance for the no-less creative world of communications. Having spend half of his 44 springs in Brazil, US and London, he is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English and french (mother tongue).

Michèle Laroque

Michèle Laroque is a French actress, comedian and humorist, who has appeared in almost 60 films and television productions since 1988. She was nominated for the César Awards for Best Supporting Actress in La crise (1992) and Pédale douce (1996).